Disposable Inflation Device

Inflation Devices are cardiovascular products.  Angioplasty accessory solutions can be used in a wide range of angioplasty procedures and interventional cardiology area.

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Merit Medical  BasixTAU, DiamondTOUCH, BasixCompak, BasixTouch, Blue Diamond, DXT Version 1, 1-30cm Braided line, 20ml, stopcock ID1220
Abbott,B.Braun . 1000184, Solace, SwitchBack Version 3, 1-30cm Braided line, 20ml, stopcock ID1222
Teleflex  Fluent Inflation device (Version 1), Hemostasis Valve (Rotating Luer), Torque device PK130000
COOK MEDICAL COOK, CID-20-30 Inflation device (Version 1) and Hemostasis Valve (Push click) PK190000
Boston Scientific  M001151050, M001151062, Encore 26 Inflator Inflation device (Version 2) and Hemostasis Valve (Rotating Luer) PK430000
Medtronic Everest, AC2200, AC3200, AC2205P, AC3205P Inflation device (Version 1) and Hemostasis Valve (Push click) PK490000
Biometrix BQ-9001, BQ-9050, BQ-9051, BQ-9060, BQ-9215, BQ-9216 Inflation device (Version 3) and Hemostasis Valve (Rotating Luer) PK730000
 Antmed   Inflation device (Version 1) and Hemostasis Valve (Push click) PK790000

Winged locking, press-to-release inflation device and PTCA kits are designed to exert pressure for balloon inflation and deflation. Interventional cardiology, cardiovascular, inflation high pressure device with stopcock to meet the need for faster inflation, greater capacity, versatility, and reliability. Busy interventional labs can rely on ANTMED Inflation Devices for their procedures. It offers 30 ATM pressure and 20 ML volume and can be packaged with hemostasis valves and torque devices.


• Pressure:30ATM

• Fluorescent gauge for easy viewing

• Volume size: 20mL

• 30cm braided high pressure line, 1200PSI

• Ergonomic design, Easy to use

• Latex-free, DEHP-free, Toxin-free, Non-Pyrogenic

• ETO sterilized, Single-use only

• FDA 510(k), CE, ISO13485 certificated


• Simple and elegant appearance

• Pointer pressure gauge, accurate and reliable

• Easy operation, with safety locking device, excellent adjustment on pressure



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