ANTMED ImaStar CT dual head Contrast Media Injector

The ImaStar CT Dual Head Contrast Media Injector is a double syringe contrast delivery system needed for advanced clinical CT imaging procedures such as cardiac CTA, CT angiography, pelvic & lower limb imaging as well as routine CT examinations. The contrast media power injectors can be hand-held, mounted on a floor pedestal or stand and wall-mounted.The Antmed ImaStar Series contrast injectors is installed in more than 1,000 hospitals in China and sold to more than 100 countries.

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Product Features:

  • Four language options: English, French, Italian, Chinese
  • Pedestal/ Ceiling mount option is available
  • Independent dual motor drive system: allows independent of filling, air expelling and injections of Side A and Side B respectively
  • Simultaneous injection function: simultaneous injection of contrast and saline
  • Allows the control of contrast density in the right and left ventricles, significantly reduces CT image artifact
  • Able to observe the right coronary arteries, right atrium and right ventricle in a single study of the same image.
  • Color touch screens: Intuitive user interface, clear and concise information display which can ensure users’ operation confidence
  • Auto Detect Function: injector’s detection feature automates air purging and piston rod operation
  • Waterproof Design: waterproof injector head design to minimize damage from contrast/saline leakage and ensures the safety of clinic operation
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Safe Operation: Injection can be paused and resumed at any time during the injection.
  • Heat Maintainers: warms contrast and saline to maintain at ideal temperature, which reducing patient’s adverse effect.
  • Real-time Pressure Curve: display real-time pressure curve, monitor the pressure changes, lower the risk of patients
  • To be supplied with two sets of standard disposables; sufficient to cover the operational training and start-up period.


  • Provides reliable performance, safe patient experience and affordable price in CT imaging
  • Wireless technology enables quick installation, easy positioning and frees the room from cable clutter
  • The net independent double head injector for injecting contrast medium and saline
  • Enhance image quality and improve patient safety
  • Decrease the amount of contrast agent and lower radiation.
  • ANTMED provides all types of high quality and cost-effective consumables.


Power Supply: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,200VA

Flow Rate : 0.1-10ml/s

Pressure Limit: 325PSI

Piston Rod speed: 9.9ml/s

Auto filling Rate: 8ml/s

User programmable injection sequenties: 6

Injection Records: 2000

Injection Program: 2000

Syringe Volume: 2-200ml

Part Description Qty Material
 Scan room unit Injector 1 6061 Aluminum and ABS PA-757(+)
Control room unit Touch display screen 1 ABS PA-757(+)

Order information:

  1. Warranty: one year
  2. Packing:

Quantity/Carton 1set

Weight/Carton 50KGS

Carton Size 133mm*57mm*76mm

  1. Certificate:

CE, FSC and ISO 13485

  1. Supply Ability :70 Sets per Month
  2. Delivery Detail: Within 15 days upon payment receipt
  3. Brand Name: Antmed

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